Price: 60 x 110cm = £22.00
80 x 150cm = £40.00
120 x 170m = £67.00
160 x 225cm = £127.00
200 x 290cm = £198.00
67 x 230cm = £51.00
80 x 300cm = £80.00

. Material: Polypropylene
. Cleaning Process: Easy to clean
. Pattern: Chequered
. Type: Modern

Tartan Grey Chequered Rug by Ultimate Rug gives your home a modern-day appeal. Grey is a neutral colour so it blends well with any kind of interior décor making the rug suitable for both indoors or outdoors. Whether place it in your living room or at your bed side, this rug will never fail to attract attention, with its soft surface and classy look. This beautiful rug is created from Polypropylene, which makes it highly durable, hence the rug can withstand all playful shenanigans of your kids or pets, comfortable, soft and easy to clean.


Our home should be life giving and soul refreshing. A soft spot to land on a hard day and a beautiful place to recharge and rejuvenate. And that’s exactly provided by our Tartan Chequered Rugs. These rugs offer an amalgamation of checked patterns, soft texture, and modern appeal. These rugs are durable, resilient, comfortable, and easy to clean.