Price: 60 x 110cm = £46.00
75 x 150cm = £82.00
110 x 160cm = £130.00
150 x 210cm = £228.00

. Material: Wool
. Cleaning Process: Easy to clean
. Pattern: Floral
. Type: Modern, Wool

Poppie Red Wool Rug by Ultimate Rug make it plush and immensely soft, making it either apt for your living room or as a bed side rug. The floral design highlights your interior décor and the rug blends in with the surrounding very well giving it a comfortable and relaxed vibe. Made up of 100% wool, the product is soft, comfortable and easy to clean.


Poppie Wool Rug by Ultimate Rug with the meanings of refreshing, calming, sophisticated, energy, tranquillity. This rug collection brings a balanced combination of calm and luxury into your home. The floral design with plush shag piles synchronizes well with your surrounding while giving immeasurable level of comfort. This wool rug collection highlighting plush piles is very easy to care for, highly durable, comfortable, and extremely soft.