MAMBAI Natural

Price : 60 x 110cm = £34.00
80 x 150cm = £62.00
120 x 170cm = £103.00
160 x 225cm = £187.00

.Material : Polyester
.Cleaning Process : Easy to clean
.Pattern : Abstract , Optical/ (3D)
.Type : Modern , Shaggy , Sparkle

Mumbai Natural Shaggy Rug by Ultimate Rug is an exceptionally shaggy rug. Whether you want to add warmth to a room or highlight a unique decor item, an elegant, well-chosen Mumbai Natural Shaggy Rug is just what you need. The dense pile of shags offer somewhere warm to place your feet while providing ultimate comfort. Made from Polyester, this rug is highly durable, exceptionally soft, resilient and easy to maintain.


Modern and stylish 3D designs which have been hand carved from 100% luxurious polyester.