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Cookie Policy

These cookies are created by moorescarpets.com to enable the functionality of various aspects of the website.

Name Source Function
wfvt_****** moorescarpets.com Wordfence Security, which tracks site use in order to prevent malicious attacks.
woocommerce_******/wp_woocommerce_session******* moorescarpets.com Used by Woocommerce to enable key functions of the online store.
wordpress_******/wordpress_logged_in******* moorescarpets.com These cookies are used by WordPress to allow you to log in to the site.
PHPSESSID moorescarpets.com PHP session cookie which identifies a specific user’s session. This will expire when you leave the website.

Third party

These are cookies added to our site by external companies, used for analytics data.

Name Source Function
_ga and _gat google-analytics.com These cookies are used by Google Analytics – for more information see here
PYPF Third Party, PayPal Used for the Paypal login and payment system.
NID Third Party, Google Cookie used to store preferences
__utm(x) Third party, Google Analytics. Used to determine where visitors are coming from and what content they are looking at. No personal information is collected by Google Analytics. Any cookies beginning with __utm are used to collect information about traffic and user activity.
__gads, DSID, IDE Third party, google Used by google advertising