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Do you know what makes your home complete? The interiors. Not only does a good interior design improve the aesthetic appeal of the home, but it also introduces an elegance and comfort that uplifts your spirits and brings you relaxation. This is why it is crucial for all homeowners to regularly decorate and furnish their interiors.

However, no matter how many decorations or furnishings you add, your interiors won’t look as appealing if the walls are not on point. Yes, when it comes to decorating the home, the very first thing you should consider are the walls. And there are two ways you can improve the appearance of your walls: By repainting them or by getting a wallpaper.

While painting walls is not a bad idea in itself, it would be a better choice to go for a wallpaper. Why is that so? Well, consider these eight major benefits that wallpapers offer; benefits that give them an added advantage over paints:

Wallpaper Is durable and easy to maintain

Most modern residential wallpapers feature an external side made of vinyl material. Vinyl is a high-quality material that ensures the durability and longevity of the wallpapers. In fact, under typical conditions, most wallpapers can provide quality service for 10-15 years; which is almost five times the regular lifespan of most wall paints. Therefore, when you invest in a vinyl wallpaper, you can trust that it will be worth every single penny you spend.

Wallpapers are also easier to maintain than paints. Painted walls tend to crack and chip over time. Hence, they require regular cleaning and furnishing so as to keep them looking clean. Also, painted walls might require a repainting job after just a few years, which is usually a lot messier than installing and removing a wallpaper.

On the other hand, wallpapers only require light cleaning from time to time. To clean your wallpaper, simply dip a cloth or sponge into a water-detergent solution, then rub it onto the wallpaper to remove all dirt and dust. The Vinyl material used to make wallpapers is washable, so you won’t have to worry about the water causing any damage. Scrubbable wallpaper can also be safely cleaned using a gentle brush and mild detergent.

Furthermore, wallpapers are less likely to stain, peel, scratch or tear. Since they perfectly hold up to wear and tear, wallpapers can be used in large households with pets and children. More so, they are ideal for use in high-traffic areas of the home, such as living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Wallpaper captures your vibe and style

Each person is unique; we all have our unique tastes, preferences and vibes. Wallpapers provide each and every homeowner with the opportunity to show off their personal style and vibe. In other words, they allow you to make a “statement” in your home design. This is because they are versatile and are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, designs and shapes.

Therefore, you can rest assured of finding a wallpaper that perfectly fits your style and adds your individual impact to the room. For example, if you love vibrancy, you can go for colourful designs with patterns, texture and geometric or floral designs. On the other hand, if you prefer a feel of calm and quiet, you can choose neutral, abstract and flat wallpaper design.

To understand which wallpaper best captures your vibe and style, you need to do your research first. Look for inspirations and go through different options of wallpapers. For example, Moores.com provides you with a wide variety of wallpaper designs, patterns and colours that you can choose from. As you go through these, consider what themes, textures, patterns and colours you feel drawn to. Undoubtedly, you will find that perfect wallpaper that perfectly captures your vibe and personal preference.

You can use wallpaper as a feature wall

Among the latest trends in interior designing is the feature wall. Also known as an accent wall, a feature wall is a wall with a different design or pattern than that of other walls in the room. This type of wall adds energy and appeal to a room by experimenting with textures, patterns, colours and shapes.

A few years back, wallpapers were only used as beautiful backdrops, being added to every single wall in the room. However, nowadays, wallpapers can be used to add a feature wall into a living space. After all, these come in numerous designs, patterns and craft arts that add just the right amount of interest and appeal into a living space, without overwhelming the room.

When wallpaper is used as a feature wall, it adds individuality, character and charm. It functions as an original piece of art that makes a bold statement in a room; giving a clear message about the homeowner’s vibe. Better yet, you can always choose to go bold by using colourful and patterned wallpaper as your feature wall; this way, your wall will give off a bold, art-like vibe.

As a general rule, when deciding on which wall would best function as a feature wall, take a step back in your living space and consider your options. Take note of which wall would be highlighted best as an accent wall. Also, try and get creative by either going for a full-wall, an odd-shaped nook or a partial-wall to create a unique design or a beautiful focal point in the wall.

Wallpaper offers greater versatility and functionality

During the 1970s and 1980s, there was only a limited number of wallpaper colours and patterns. However, today, you can find a wallpaper of your preferred style, colour, pattern, shape and design. You can find wallpapers of 1000+ colours and 1000+ patterns; wallpaper designs that appeal to each and every generation, personal preference and individual taste.

Well, you might reason that even paints come in a wide range of colours and shades. While this is true, there are actually a limited spectrum of paint finishes; the finishes can either be gloss or matte. As for wallpapers, these provide a larger selection of textures, finishes, designs and effects. For example, you can choose between metallic, beads, emboss or flock textures, just to mention a few.

The wide range of wallpaper patterns, prints and colours allows you to show off your personality and make a statement in your living space. For example, wallpapers with metallic details create a dynamic space within a room by adding a sense of intrigue, curiosity and exploration. And the good thing is that these patterns come in different scales, ranging from small to large, so as to suit any living space.

Wallpaper works in small and dull spaces

Sometimes, painting small and dull rooms is just not enough to lighten these and make them interesting. You might be required to do extra things; such as install additional lighting or add other interesting accessories into the room. On the other hand, simply installing an interesting wallpaper on the walls can turn a small or dull room into an attractive one.

Yes, wallpapers make such a huge impact on rooms, and especially on the small, odd-shaped and unconventional living spaces. And the good thing is, wallpapers do not go for high, unaffordable prices in the market. For instance, check out these fairly-priced wallpapers on Moores.com; the largest stockiest of wallpaper in South Yorkshire.

In fact, even with just one or two rolls of beautiful wallpaper, you can turn your dull rooms and living spaces into stunning rooms. This would save you a lot of money which you would’ve otherwise spent repainting the room or buying additional lighting accessories. Good examples of dull, unconventional spaces that you would do well to add a wallpaper are powder rooms, closets, hallways and even nooks that need an extra touch of elegance.

Wallpaper hides flaws perfectly

Overtime, walls can get damaged, chipped, uneven, cracked or simply become an imperfect square/rectangle. In such cases, either paint or wallpaper can be used to hide these flaws and liven up the living space. However, the truth is that, repainting a wall takes way too much time, money and effort; and repainting a flawed wall is even much worse.

Think about this: Before you can repaint your flawed wall, you first need to fix all of the cracks, damages and chips on the wall. The larger the wall imperfections, the greater the cost of fixing these and the more time you will spent repairing the walls. Even worse, forgetting to prep the wall or fix all the nooks and cracks could lead to a poor repainting job in the long-run, such that the wall appears unattractive or even messier.

On the contrary, wallpaper helps to mask all the imperfections on a wall perfectly. And not only do wallpapers disguise these flaws well, but the process is also less tedious and less time-consuming than doing a repainting job.

Wallpaper doesn’t need to overwhelm

It is no secret that the most attractive and eye-catching paints are the bold ones. And while you can still go for subtle paints, these tend to make a room appear quite dark and dull. On the contrary, wallpapers capture the heart and create an aesthetic appeal, regardless of whether they are bold or subtle.

So if you are the sort that prefer a more natural feel in your home, you would do well to install a wallpaper on the walls. After all, you don’t have choose any bold or colourful designs so as to create a beautiful space. Instead, you can choose more understated options and still create a beautifully curated, personalized look in your home.

What’s even better, you are not limited in the understated wallpaper options; they are simply too many to count. For instance, you can go for an abstract pattern or small-scale print that feels natural. You can also choose a textured wallpaper to add warmth, comfort and depth to your living space. And if yours is a traditional living space, such textured wallpapers can add a feeling of luxury, elegance and lushness to the room.

As for rooms with mouldings, tall ceilings and lots of lights, these can complement with dark wallpapers with solid colours. Such a combination would not only balance the boldness in the room, but also add warmth and character to the living space. Indeed, no matter how subtle a wallpaper is, it can go a long way to improving the curated look of your home.

You can change wallpaper anytime

You have most probably heard of stories where homeowners spent days, weeks, even months trying to remove old wallpaper from their homes. It is true that, a few years back, wallpaper was installed in such a way that it was hard to remove. In fact, removing it would lead to chipping of wall paint, leaving the wall looking worse than it was before.

However, long are gone those days when removing decade-old wallpapers was a horror story. Nowadays, modern wallpapers have been developed; wallpapers with adhesives and contemporary coverings that do not cause a mess when removing them from the walls. Therefore, you no longer need to shy away from using wallpaper in your home since it does not damage the walls.

The fact that wallpaper can be removed easily makes it possible to redesign rooms and living spaces. After all, all you need to do is to remove the existing wallpaper, then install a new one with a new design, pattern and colour; with neither wallpapers damaging your walls. And unlike with repainting walls, you can always add new wallpaper without spending too much of your time, money and effort.


Considering all the benefits that wallpapers offer, we can confidently say that no paint can beat the great impact of a wallpaper in a home interior. Wallpapers offer such great versatility, allowing you to show off your vibe while still adding elegance into your living space. Therefore, if you have not installed wallpaper into your home, it is high time you did so!

However, to ensure that your wallpaper serves you better, you would do well to request the assistance of professional wallpaper installers. At Moores.com, we prep your walls, prime them, and use the best adhesives to ensure that your wallpaper is not only installed well, but does not also damage your walls. So reach out to us today, and let us turn your dream of a beautiful interior into a reality!

When choosing Wallpaper, Carpets or Rugs, it’s a good idea to contact Moore’s Carpets, which will help to inform you of where different carpets fit best, ranging from light to extremely heavy (for high-traffic areas like hallways and stairs).

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