Your home is your little paradise! That’s why you will want to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible.

You need to get the right furniture and other important and nice home appliances, but you also need a feature wall that fits in with the rest of your interior design and makes people feel welcome.

Even though there are a lot of choices for wall decor on the market today, it can be hard to find what you want.

That’s the reason we are asking, is wallpaper a good idea for your homes?

And if they are, why do you go for them when you have several other options to beautify your homes?

This article provides answers to these questions.

So, if you haven’t made the switch to wallpaper yet, read this article to see the reasons wallpapers are ideal for the beautification of your home.

We will also show you how our customers can use our wallpapers to make beautiful home designs.

Can You Create Your Personal Wallpaper?

With the digital technology we have now, nothing is impossible. If you want to and have the right tools, making wallpaper for your home is easy and cheap.

It can be a computer-made picture, your favourite photo, or a work of art that you like.

But, homeowners who want to fix up their homes will find that custom wallpaper is very helpful. Most of them want old wall decorations that match the classic style of their homes.

People who only want to cover a small part of a wall and don’t want to spend money on a whole roll can still get their wish by using wallpapers.

Some wallpaper sellers let their customers choose wall coverings in any colour or pattern they want.

If you’ve never dealt with one of them, don’t worry. I’ll use this article to give you the best place to get yours in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

What Are Wallpaper Tips?

New Picture of Wallpaper for Moores Carpets and Wallpaper in Dinnington Sheffield South Yorkshire

New Picture of Wallpaper for Moores Carpets and Wallpaper in Dinnington Sheffield South Yorkshire

Considering the variety of wallpapers available in the market today, it is safe to say that it’s not easy to choose a wallpaper for your home.

So, when you’re making a big decision of this magnitude, think about the following:

1. Always roll out the wallpaper at least 2 metres before you put it on the wall. At times, what you see on the roll won’t be how they look on the segment.

2. If you want to try out different patterns and textures, choose wallpapers from the same set.

3. Put together the right colours, textures, and patterns so the whole room looks good.

4. Choose different types of wallpapers for each of the rooms. In the bedroom, for example, it’s best to use breathable ones made of paper that are safe for the body. In rooms with good airflow, like the living room or kitchen, it’s better to glue non-woven ones.

Only buy wallpaper from a reputable company that can show you quality certificates. This is the only way to get material at a good price that won’t hurt you.

Types, Advantages, and disadvantages of wallpapers

1. Paper wallpapers

Advantages: It’s pocket-friendly, environmentally friendly, breathable, and of a wide range.

Disadvantages: Doesn’t last long – up to 5 years, absorbs unpleasant odours, and forms mould.

2. Non-woven wallpaper

Advantages: high strength, good for the environment, resistance to humidity, and ultraviolet rays.

Disadvantages: high price, small assortment.

3. Vinyl wallpapers

Advantages: covers defects on the walls, wear resistance, easy to clean with wet.

Disadvantages: air tightness, toxicity during combustion, difficulty in gluing, and expensive.

4. Textile wallpaper

Advantages: aesthetic appearance, can cover wall defects, resistance to UV rays, covers joints.

Disadvantages: high cost, electrostatic, can absorb odours, hard to glue, hard to maintain, and can accumulate dust

Why Are Wallpaper A Good Idea For Your Homes?

1. You Can Use It In Areas That Don’t Come In Contact With Water

We are talking about walls that water can’t reach. Of course, there are times water just seems to get everywhere. Water has a way of getting around. So, there’re situations you can’t just help to prevent water from pouring or splashing on your walls.

Walls that could get wet should not have wallpaper on them. Even in small bathrooms, a single panel of wallpaper above or next to the toilet can add beauty to the house.

But, if you have a large, fancy bathroom with a freestanding tub in the middle, you could use wallpaper on every wall.

2. They Are Pocket-Friendly

These are the least expensive ways to decorate your home. Even though colours are more expensive, coupled with the price for hiring experts, you can still put up wallpapers in your home with minimal cost.

3. Wallpapers Are Easy To Hang

Wallpaper is easy to put up and, most importantly, it goes up very fast. All you need is a little accuracy and dexterity, and that’s it.

Also, if you decide to take it down, there won’t be any annoying marks left on the wall! One good reason wallpapers are a good idea for your home is the ease with which you can hang them.

Unlike paint, which needs to be redone every 3 years or so, wallpaper stays strong and good as it is and doesn’t need any kind of work.

4. Easy To Maintain

The wallpaper is simple to keep clean. No matter what kind it is, if you take good care of it, it will last almost fifteen years. It doesn’t need special, often expensive cleaning products. Instead, it just needs regular cleaning products that you can find at home (or in stores).

5. You Can Combine The Colours

Wallpaper is a part of the inside, just like fabrics and furniture. It gives you the freedom to choose a colour that goes with the rest of your furniture and the accent cloth.

Colours that look good together are similar, while other colours that look good together are bright and stand out.

Always remember to change how bright the main colour is when using complementary colours for accent crosses.

Brightness is a term for how bright a colour is. Even if the colour stays the same on the hue wheel, it gets brighter toward the centre and darker toward the edges.

6. It Is Easy To Clean

Cleaning might not seem like a big deal, but if you think about it, it is, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

In fact, you can remove simple dust from wallpaper by wetting a cloth and wiping it over the whole surface.

If you want to clean the wallpapers thoroughly, you can buy a product made for this purpose. Rub a handkerchief wet with warm water on the wall lightly. In fact, this is one of the reasons wallpapers are a good idea for your homes.

7. You Can Use Them In Many Ways

Even though it’s called “wallpaper,” it doesn’t have to be stuck on walls. It works well and can be used in many different places.

One example of this is putting wallpaper on a headboard. You can experiment with different textures and colours of wallpaper and have a headboard with a mix of different patterns.

Not only does this make the headboard look nice, but it also gives the room a unique look. You can use wallpapers to hide or cover up shabby-looking storage boxes, making them look nice for you to display in your living room.

Wallpaper can also be used to decorate cabinets, bookshelves, and small stools. Wallpaper shouldn’t just be on your walls.

8. Experimental Look

Since wallpapers are cheap and anyone can buy them. It means you can change them whenever you want and for any reason. When you change the wallpaper in your room, the new look stays new.

Besides, you can keep the room’s walls looking fresh since there are many different designs on the market.

Unlike painting, you don’t have to bother about taking it off because it’s easy to replace and doesn’t need any messy methods.

9. It Beautifies The Wall.

There’s no iota of doubt about it! Wallpaper is the wildest way to decorate a room’s walls because it adds a touch of extreme personality.

That doesn’t mean that paint isn’t pretty, but it doesn’t give a wall as much personality as wallpaper does.

Also, if you decide to use this decoration in a room with simple or few pieces of furniture, the paper will change the look of the room right away, making it unique and special.

10. It Enhances Your Space

Wallpaper can change the way your space is built. It can shape a room and show you what it could be. With the right paper, you can hide or at least cover up flaws in the wall, and you can also change the way a room feels.

It also adds warmth, personality, and beauty, and comes in so many patterns and colours that it’s hard to choose.

Small prints can help calm a big room, like a bedroom, while big prints can make a small room look bigger than it should be. Patterns can also show off or enhance architecture or hide flaws.

11. It Gives You Many Options

Seriously, there is no way you can’t find a type of wallpaper that suits your tastes.

There are so many options that it won’t be easy to choose the one you like best because they will all speak to you in some way. But we’re not talking about patterns here—we’re referring to quality fabrics.

Wallpaper can be made of glass fibres, PVC, or natural cellulose. In short, get ready to go crazy, because you see them on displays at Moorescarpets.

Thus, if you have just bought or built a house, or you want to make some changes to the inside. You’ll have to find a new way to cover the walls that fit your needs.

There are many products on the market today, like paint, panelling, panoramic tapestries, waxed concrete, and even wallpapers, and you can find them all at Moorescarpets.

Moores Carpets uses this article to look at reasons wallpapers are a good idea for your homes to help you decide on how to decorate your home in a unique way.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you call Paul on 01909 518055 or email us at

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