Do you dream of a luxury home that exudes elegance and ensures optimal comfort, keep your entire house warm daily, and enjoy the charm of the environment!

Are you in Sheffield or the environs? Then let us introduce you to Moores Carpets, the ultimate place to get the best quality carpets, wallpapers, and luxury vinyl tiles for your homes or offices.

Our quality carpets, wallpapers, and luxury vinyl tiles offer endless possibilities to decorate your house.

This article takes you through reasons to buy carpets, wallpapers, and luxury vinyl tiles from Moores Carpet. It is the ultimate home-covering seller in Sheffield.


You can find carpets in almost any home, regardless of whether the design is minimalist, natural, traditional, or more modern. People prefer carpets because they are the decoration element that provides optimal comfort in your living room, bedroom, or hallway.

If you are still unsure about purchasing a quality carpet for your house, we urge you to read these reasons to buy rug carpets from Moores Carpet.


A carpet is a decorative feature that adds a unique touch to your interior design. A rug will enhance the overall appearance of any room in the house.

The carpet not only improves the decoration of your living rooms, but it also creates a cocooning and cosy environment. Because the living room is the busiest in the house, the decision to lay a carpet their rests with you.

Discover reasons to buy carpet tiles from Moores Carpets by browsing through our various products in our online shop.


There are many reasons to buy a rug from Moores Carpets to add style to your living room, bedroom, and bathroom. They are as follows:

1. It changes The Look And Feel Of The House

One of the primary reasons to buy carpets for your house is that it helps to change its looks and feels. The living room is a space in your home where you may show your personality and design style.

2. Experiment With Various Types

Another reason to add a carpet to your house is that you can experiment with different elements to improve the ambience. Our carpets come in many types, including Berber Loop, Loop Pile, Bathroom Carpets, Stripe. etc. It is up to you to choose one that fits in with your décor.

3. You Can Change The Decoration Of Your Home Without Affecting Any Other Parts.

One of the many reasons to buy a rug is that it allows you to transform the decoration of your living room without changing the colour of the walls or the furniture.

You can use a brightly coloured living room carpet in particular to light and make your living space more social.

A neutral patterned rug is ideal if you want to add a contemporary flair to your living room decor. Adding or replacing a living room carpet can improve its appearance.

4. It Helps In The Delineation Of Spaces

The rug can also be an excellent complement to any room, especially in large rooms. For example, the presence of a rug of a particular size in the lounge area can help you to separate it from other areas if you have a room open to the kitchen and dining room table, and part of it is dedicated to your living room.

Area rugs can serve as invisible room boundaries, providing structure in vast rooms.

5. It Is An Essential Decorative Piece For Your Home

Rugs are not only useful for comfort, but they are also beautiful ornamental items. They can fit into many settings and beautify a living room, hallway, or bedroom depending on their colour, patterns, texture, and general style.

You can choose a light-coloured natural fibre rug, a checkerboard pattern in vivid colours, or even a traditional Berber rug to create a more classic or adventurous decorating. It will blend in flawlessly with the rest of your decor.

6. A Carpet Protects Your Floors

Carpet may also protect your floors. It helps decrease the wear and tear on your most delicate flooring and its maintenance.

7. It Guarantees The Comfort And Safety Of Your Children

If you have children, the rugs will immediately become their favourite playground! They will be able to play in total safety. A carpet can prevent them from falling and slippage. The only hazard is getting your foot entangled in the rugs’ corners!

8. A Carpet Has A Long Lifespan.
A well-maintained carpet has a very long lifespan for a reason. It is something you may leave to your children if the fashion for carpets has not changed by then.

9. Carpets Are Affordable

In general, the price of a rug is determined by three factors: its size, material, and how it is made. Moores Carpet provides a variety of carpet sizes at an affordable price.


There is no better way to give your room a distinct personality than with wallpaper. You can choose from several designs and colours to match your personality and the vibe you desire in your room.

They are available in a variety of textures and finishes. Besides patterns and colours, they are available in matte, grainy, silky, and others. With the right quality, you may give your room a youthful, lively, elegant, smart, and peaceful appearance.


Wallpapers are surface coverings used to beautify and embellish walls in a unique way. They are sheets of paper organised in rolls bonded to the wall with long-lasting glues.

With the momentum it is gathering, we’d like to encourage you to go against the crowd and use it to create an unexpected and outstanding impact!

Wallpaper, whether floral themes, damask, modern geometric designs, or vintage prints, is a growing style that works in every room, from the bedroom to the bathroom and through the kitchen.

When you can’t bear the looks of your walls any longer, wallpaper is a viable option for adding a touch of uniqueness to the room.


1. Easy Setup

One of the benefits of this style is that it is simple to install wallpapers. They do not need professional installation. The process is simple and can be completed in record time if you know the appropriate procedure.

You have to use high-quality adhesives and ensure there are no air bubbles between the wall and the wallpaper. You can install them yourself if you keep these fundamentals in mind.

Moreover, depending on the house, painting takes roughly 1-2 weeks to complete. Yet, wallpaper may only take 1 or 2 days to instal due to its design and material. Its design and structure are simple to use too.

2. Variety

Wallpapers provide more alternatives than other wall remodelling solutions like painting or tiling. Also, you can choose different patterns of wallpapers to personalise each room in the house,

3. Ideal For Ongoing Renovation Work

Wallpapers should be your first choice for wall decorations if you want to change the look of your home often. Installing and uninstalling them is indeed simple. Add a coat of primer to the wall before installing them to make the work easier.

4. Flexibility Of Use

Another reason to buy wallpaper is its flexibility of use. It means you can use wallpapers of any shape in your house. You may, for example, use one style of wallpaper to cover the entire wall and another for the borders.

You can trim them into small strips to draw attention to specific portions of the wall.

5. It Is Easy To Maintain

It is easy to clean wallpapers. You only need to wipe them down with a moist cloth. Dirt hardly sticks to it because the surface is smooth. You don’t need any special training to maintain it. Refrain from washing the surface since too much moisture can ruin it.

6. Does Not Leave Stains In The Furniture

Wallpapering also decreases the chance of leaving stains on the furniture in the room. That is unlike painting which may spill paint on specific objects in the house if you are not careful.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are made of PVC and hence have stronger humidity resistance than laminate. You can use them in any room in the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Its products are watertight, while its installation is not.


LVT, or luxury vinyl tiles, are a durable covering composed of many watertight layers that come in rigid or flexible tiles or planks.

LVT, like roll vinyl, is a durable and useful covering that comes in several patterns and styles, ranging from timeless and traditional to modern designs.

LVT comes in the shape of planks or tiles laid next to each other with several joints.

Though the planks and tiles are water resistant, water or moisture may seep through the joints if not fitted properly. As a result, you’ve got to be courteous if such coverings are used in damp areas.


1. They Can Adapt To Your Needs

LVT plank and tile flooring can adapt to your needs for rapid and easy installation, whether glued or clipped

Our LVT floor coverings come in several stylish and realistic patterns as imitation parquet to meet all your needs.

2. Vinyl Flooring Is Quite Thin.

It is only 4.5 millimetres. It is perfect for renovations because you can lay it over an existing floor. Another reason to buy LVT is that you can easily keep your old doors due to its low height.

3. LVT Is Simple To Install On Your Own.

Our Vinyl Tiles are simple to install on any surface, requiring no prep or levelling and posing no risk of exposing seams or subfloor irregularities. It is now possible to instal vinyl floors over tiles.

LVT and laminate are simple to instal, but LVT is the easier option. You don’t need any special tool to instal the LVT.

4. Rigid LVT Is Water Resistant

Aside from being waterproof, you can also use it as a floating floor covering in wet spaces like bathrooms, toilets, or kitchens.

Because of their excellent dimensional stability, rigid vinyl floors are perfect for installation in conservatories.

5. Natural Appearance

Our vinyl floors live up to your expectations. It combines a wood or natural stone style with an easy installation and maintenance process.

6. Completely Waterproof

If you have a vibrant kitchen or refined bathroom, you can confidently enjoy our vinyl floors thanks to our innovative water-resistant click system and water-repellent technology.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LTV) are the latest additions to our collection of goods meant to give your house that befitting touch it deserves.

Our LVT floor coverings are available in tiles and strips, acoustic or compact, and provide resistance and other benefits such as asbestos surface covering.

These LVT-type PVC coverings are suitable for your offices or interior décor projects.

Do you have any further questions about what you will gain from using these items to decorate your house?

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